Management Services

The Right Property Management Team Can Make YourLife Much Easier

Pearl Property Management provides reliable, full service residential property management for single-unit property owners.

We keep expenses to a minimum while providing dependable, timely upkeep and repairs.

One Low Monthly Fee Covers Everything

We provide efficient rent collection and speedydisbursement of owner funds.

We take care of everything. Disbursements for: maintenance, repairs, Condo/HOA fees,
tax and mortgage payments all per your instructions.

As an owner, you receive detailed written financial reports each month.

Pearl Property Management handles all tenant screening, credit and background checks.

We prepare and execute all lease and other necessary tenant documents.

We are well versed in Landlord/Tenant rules for Oregon and local jurisdictions.

Get More For Less

With Pearl Property Management, you will find that our rates are well below those of our competitors.
Our standard fees are simply:

Leasing Fee: 45% of one month's rent (for finding and placing the tenant)

Management Fee: 7 1/2% of gross monthly rent for basic services

Application Screening and Rental Agreement Preparation Only: $250

Lease Renewal Fee: None!

Start Up Fee: None!

We encourage you to contact our competitors and compare prices. You will find they will have noticeably higher rates! Our competitors frequently charge "start-up fees" of $150 to $500 and take 50% of the first month's rent and in come cases all of it for finding your tenant. Also, with Pearl Property Management we will not charge you any additional fees when an existing tenant decides to renew a lease. You will find that other companies will try to charge you an additional 10% to 50% of one month's rent for this activity. By focusing on one area of the city, we are able to keep our overhead costs to a minimum and pass the savings on to you!

We are ready to listen to your needs and talk about how we can make leasing your property less of a worry. Please call us today!

Please note: Pricing and rates are subject to change at any time.